Net Vortex 360 works with businesses like yours to help them expand faster and profitably with digital advertising.

Whether you currently have a Google Ads account or are just getting started, our staff will assist you in creating a campaign that works for your specific business.


Google Ads is a tool for managing your ads, setting budgets, and tracking outcomes. SAHARA employs Google Ads to provide high-value traffic shaping while focusing on accurate intent-targeting to ensure that each ad is seen to our customers’ ideal consumers.




Working with NetVortex360 professionals to increase your performance and accelerate your growth through Google Ads while staying within budget is a great way to move ahead. Whether you currently have a Google Ads account, are just getting started, or feel the need to spice things up and work with a team of Google Ads specialists to maximize leads, our team can help you set up a campaign that works for your specific business.

Having a Google Ads account alone will not bring targeted traffic to your website. Our experts realize that even little structural changes can have a huge impact. Working with us means you’ll have a dedicated staff to support you during your campaign and track the outcomes to maximize your growth and ensure you’re targeting the best clientele for you and your business. Our team will ensure that your campaigns, ad groups, and advertising are properly organized to maximize effectiveness.

In other words, NetVortex360 works with companies like yours to help them develop faster and profitably through digital advertising.


Google Ads is a powerful tool for growing your business. We understand that it can appear hard and tough to get started, therefore our professionals are ready to help you simplify the process.

SAHARA will start by researching Google Ads keywords to analyze and help select the best and most effective keywords for your business.

Our team will ensure that your advertising are correctly set up and configured, and that they employ top keywords to maximize the effectiveness of your ads and budget.

We’ll also send you reports and updates along the road so you can keep track of progress and know when to change things up again.

Before we begin Google advertising, our experts will conduct research on what your competitors are doing to ensure that your ad campaigns are optimal.

We’ll look at how they manage their ads and how well they perform using Google Analytics and Ad Words Keyword Planner.

A successful Google campaign is determined by the keywords selected, the ads created, and the budget allocated to each campaign.

A/B testing is experimenting with several variations of your adverts to find which one performs the best.

When launching a campaign, SAHARA will create multiple versions of the same ad and distribute them over time to compare results. Our experts can figure out what works best and what doesn’t by doing A/B testing, so we can spend your budget effectively, reach the ideal audience, and maximize results and conversions.

To hold ourselves accountable, we create and change strategic strategies to regularly update your adverts, ensuring that nothing gets between the gaps. Because we never let anything run on autopilot, our planning includes regular testing.

Once your ads are up, you should evaluate their performance. Our team will monitor the performance of your advertising on a regular basis to determine how well they are doing and to help make adjustments over time.

SAHARA provides clients with a report that shows certain key performance results based on your company’s goals. These can include how many clicks your advertising have received, how many impressions they have received, and how much you are spending each click.

Keeping track of these indicators can assist you in optimizing the performance of your campaigns and ensuring that they operate effectively and efficiently.

NetVortex360 will help you optimize your campaign and enhance its performance over time as you refine the audiences you’re targeting.

Our experts will keep updating your keywords to ensure that they are relevant to your business and producing good results.

One of our primary goals is to optimize your keywords and ensure that they are carefully chosen because they can make or break your campaign. They won’t generate a lot of traffic and will eventually affect your conversion rates if they aren’t good enough.

While working with NetVortex360, our staff will continue to assist you in refining your audience so that your ads are specifically targeted to them. Broad audiences might have an impact on your results if your content is not shown to the proper people, thus we will make sure to target the most profitable audiences for your company.

Finally, your Google Ads keywords and landing pages must be in sync and support one another.

SAHARA will ensure that your advertising and landing pages are closely associated when generating them so that they are optimized for each other. As a result, your adverts will function more effectively to maximize conversions. If they aren’t, there will be a lot of wasted ad expenditure, which means the campaign won’t provide the desired outcomes.

By aligning your ads and landing pages, you can improve the number of individuals who view your ads and thereby optimize your advertising campaign.

NetVortex360 will assist you in creating eye-catching ads that are consistent across your ads and social media platforms, and follow a constant theme and color pattern that best matches your business and allows it to be noticed and have a recognizable brand.


Capabilities for Targeting

Our experts can pinpoint your target audience and provide significant leads for you.

Increased Conversions

Paid traffic converts roughly twice as well as organic traffic due to Google’s trustworthiness.

Brand Awareness

Because of Google’s high traffic, Ads have a decent chance of reaching a substantial portion of your target demographic.

Better ROI

With years of experience, our specialists will help you build your business by providing budgeting and ad timing advice.


Your own dedicated staff to ensure you attain your goal!

Detailed Reporting

Customized live reporting dashboards are available to you and your team at any moment.

Dedicated Team

A dedicated team of specialists will assist you in reaching your objective.

Email Updates

You'll receive monthly updates on goal progress, victories, losses, and forthcoming exams.

Audience Creation

For your campaigns, we'll develop new saved, lookalike, and bespoke audiences.


Every day of the week, get input and responses from your team.

Competitor Intel

We'll keep an eye on your competitors' campaigns to ensure you have the upper hand.

Full Ownership

Account accessibility and ownership

Pixel Installation

We'll set up the Facebook pixel, build custom conversions, and track ROI.


NetVortex360, as a Full Stack Digital Agency, offers a wide range of services that may be appropriate for your company. We understand that before hiring an agency, you may have questions about cost, ad spend, what is covered, and other issues. Do not leave unanswered questions; instead, reach out and get them answered.